Physical activity has become a crucial fixture of modern lifestyle given its numerous benefits to our sedentary occupations and habits. In spite of its well-known importance, many people still struggle to be physically active.

Inspired by the Dubai Fitness Challenge, we are pleased to invite you to our webinar and open discussion that will break down the common barriers to exercise and provide practical and sustainable solutions to overcome them. In this session, we will: 

|| Define the current physical activity guidelines required to improve health and wellbeing;

 || Identify and discuss the common and uncommon barriers to exercise adherence; 

 || Reveal different methods of exercise that have been proven to work effectively with beginners; 

 ||Provide evidence-based, practical, and sustainable solutions to improving exercise adherence

 ||Announce free giveaway for all attendees

SATURDAY NOV. 20TH, 2021 6:00-6:30PM

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